New Patient Information

We’re happy to offer appointment times that best fit your schedule. 
In special circumstances, we can also make house calls.  You can also schedule appointments online.

We usually have same-day appointments available if you need us.  

New Patient Registration Forms
In order to expedite your first visit and reduce your waiting time, please complete this form and bring it with you to your appointment:

These forms are for your records and do not have to be signed or returned to the office:

Prepare For Your Visit:
Preparing a few simple things can really help you get the most out of the appointment with your doctor.

  • In addition to your new patient registration forms, please bring your driver’s license (or other picture ID) and your insurance card if you have one.
  • A list of all your questions or concerns.  Sometimes, it’s easy to forget pressing questions when you’re at the doctor’s office.  We want to make sure you have all your questions answered!
  • Copies of prior X-rays, MRIs or CT scans (not the reports, the actual images), or other diagnostic tests, please bring them on disc, flash drive or hard copy. 
  • Copies of records from other doctors related to your visit with us. 
  • Please wear or bring the shoes that you wear the most or the shoes that you notice you have the most problems with when wearing.
  • Please bring any orthotics you may already have. 

Patient Portal

Did you know you can get access to your health records online?  

Patient Fusion gives you 24 hour access to the doctor’s office and your medical record.  You can look up an appointment, review past diagnoses, see a list of prescribed and known medications and check your lab results.

To get started, just provide your email address to the office and we’ll enroll you and give you your initial password.  Once you receive an email from
Patient Fusion, just follow the directions to log in.  Easy!

Did you enjoy your visit? Have some suggestions to make your next visit more pleasant? Give us a review!