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How To Put On Compression Stockings Or Other Tight Socks

Many people who need to wear compression stockings to control their edema have difficulty putting them on. Not only are they tighter than regular socks, but they are usually longer and go up to the calf (or higher) instead of just around the ankle.


  1. Start with the sock with the RIGHT SIDE OUT 
  2. Put your hand inside the sock, with the thumb where the heel goes and the other fingers in the toes 
  3. Hold your fingers together (like making a sock puppet close it’s mouth) and hold the sock 
  4. Use your opposite and start to turn the sock INSIDE OUT over your arm 
  5. Keep your first hand in place and stop turning the sock INSIDE OUT when you get to the heel 
  6. Take your hand out 
  7. At this point, you should have a mostly INSIDE OUT sock with the foot part making a pocket and the inside of the heel sticking out. 
  8. Use your hands to put your foot in the pocket area and position the heel properly 
  9. Grasp the top of the stocking and pull it up all the way up your leg, flipping it RIGHT SIDE OUT again as you do so.
  10. Smooth out any remaining wrinkles so that the compression is even. 
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