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Clarus nail solution – Apply solution twice a day to all nails, even those that are not affected (for prevention). File nails thin and flat at least once a week to allow the medication penetrate to the nail bed.

Note: Use of Clarus nail solution will not work if you are using any polish (anti-fungal or otherwise)

Anti-fungal nail polish – Apply polish once a day. Every 7 days, remove the polish and file nails thin to allow the medication penetrate to the nail bed. Reapply polish.

Often times, the nail infection starts with a skin infection (Athlete's foot) and it is nearly impossible to get rid of the nail infection without treating the skin infection


Clarus skin cream – Apply small amount of cream to both feet, including in-between the toes, twice a day. You can reduce your usage to once a day, after the skin infection has cleared. This will prevent re-infection. May be used with Kera-42 cream. Do not use if there is a break in the skin or if you develop any allergic reaction (redness, itching, swelling or rash)

If you choose to try an over the counter antifungal, check the active ingredient list for TERBINAFINE, CLOTRIMOZOLE, NAFTIFINE, CICLOPIROX, TOLNAFTATE, OR UNDECYLENIC ACID. You should also use this twice a day.

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