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FAQ About MLS Laser Therapy

What does laser therapy have over other forms of therapy?

It does not require the use of drugs or surgery, there are no known side effects, and it is quick/convenient. Studies have shown that it is equal to or more effective than other forms of physical therapy. Pain relief is often immediate.

Does it hurt? What does the treatment feel like?

There is little or no sensation during treatment. There is no pain associated during laser application. Laser treatment is relaxing and some people even fall asleep.

How long does the treatment take?

The typical course of treatment is 10 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated. Treatments are typically received 2 to 3 times a week. Treatment plans are determined on an individual basis.

How many treatments does it take?

This depends on the nature of the condition being treated. The typical treatment protocol is between 6 and 12 visits. Conditions such as severe arthritis may require ongoing periodic care to control pain.

How long before results are felt?

You may feel improvement in your condition (usually pain reduction) after the 1st to 3rd treatment. For some chronic conditions, it may take up to 6 visits to feel the benefits of laser therapy. Not everyone responds to laser therapy and results cannot be guaranteed.

Are the results long lasting?

MLS Laser Therapy is about healing. It is not about masking or covering up a condition. When you feel better from this therapy, it is because you are better. Therefore results have been found to be quite lasting.

Can it be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment?

Yes, MLS Laser Therapy is even more effective when combined with other forms of therapy, including physical therapy, chiropractic care, massage, soft tissue mobilization, electrotherapy, and following surgery.

How do I know if laser therapy is right for me?

We will evaluate your condition and perform a complete laser therapy examination to determine if you are a candidate for this procedure. Call us to schedule your evaluation or a consultation with Dr. Chou.

Can laser therapy be used over medical implants or over metal?

Yes, laser therapy is a light treatment. No heating is involved with the surgical or metal implants. It can be used safely with no side effects. It is extremely effective for post-operative wound healing.

Is it covered by medical insurance?

MLS Laser Therapy is cleared for clinical use by the FDA. It currently can be reimbursed under insurance, however the reimbursement is very limited at best. Therefore, we do not participate with any insurance plans at this time. You may submit your paid receipt to your insurance company for consideration.